Professional Entertainment Management

Guiding Party Goers

Africalabash Entertainment is a music entertainment and marketing company based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2008, we have become one of the largest entertainment companies in the East Coast, working with artists from all over the world. Africalabash is committed to providing fans and musicians alike with optimal party experiences. Africalabash has rated the best music and video production among the African community abroad. Our Exceptional and professional touch on events, birthdays and many parties which bring all African youth together, elevating the nightlife standard in New York City.

Africalabash Entertainment

Fan Support

Helping Our Fans Find Their Tunes

Dying for some new tunes? Africalabash Entertainment helps you:

  • Find Parties- We offer detailed information on event location, ticket prices, performing DJs and parking at the events throughout the East Coast.
  • Play Your Favorites- Our talented DJs will always be playing the latest and scratching to your artist’s songs throughout the night. 
  • Follow the Latest Trends- Our site allows you to follow our DJ’s and Promoters. Listen to their playlists, and see what songs they recommend at the moment. With Africalabash, you’ll never miss a music trend.



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